14 Types of Glassware Post Processing a Buyer Should Know

As a buyer, knowing the glassware post-processing is very important because it improves the product’s aesthetics and attracts more customers to purchase your products. In this post, I will introduce the most popular 14 types of glassware post-processing. If you like this post, please share it on your social media or friends.

1. Iridescent

Iridescence (additionally known as goniochromism) is the phenomenon of sure surfaces that appear to progressively trade shade as the attitude of view or the perspective of illumination changes. Examples of iridescence encompass soap bubbles, feathers, butterfly wings, and seashell nacre, in addition to certain minerals. it’s far often created through structural coloration (microstructures that intrude with mild).

2. Color Spray

Color spraying, as the name implies, is to spray the desired color on the surface of the product with a spray gun, and later bake at a low temperature. There are many choices of colors, customers can always ask us to provide examples of various colors. Color spraying is one of the most common post-processing on the market and compared to other post-processing techniques, its cost is lower. so I highly recommend guests add color spray.

3. Mercury

This post-processing has become popular in recent years. A mercury appearance is more beautiful than other post-processing. I highly recommend buyers to use their imagination to design a product with mercury because there are not many designs using this post-processing in the market yet.

4. Metallic Plated (Electroplating)

Electroplating refers to a surface processing method in which a plating layer is formed by electrolysis in a salt solution containing pre-plated metal. One item can be processed by different colors of electroplating which ends up a higher-end compare to gradient color spray. The cost will be relatively higher compare to color spray.

5. Gold Plated

Gold plated post-processing is one kind of metallic plating. By adding gold plating, the product will become high-end and elegant, it is the most popular post-processing in metallic plating.

6. Glitter

Handmade glittered glassware is highly recommended for any holiday giftware and is very popular among female groups because they look so pretty! If you send your mom or girlfriend with a glittered item, they will be very grateful and impressed!

7. Gem Stripes

Gem is attached to the glassware surface and is used as a decorative element. It is commonly used in pimp glass.

8. Marble

Marble is highly loved by people who enjoy lives and consider color as art. It is made by mixing different colors. You can find how to make a marble glass here.

9. Mosaic

Mosaic is commonly used in walls and floors, but do you know it is also used in glassware? This material not only retains the rustic feel of the natural stone itself but also enriches the patterns, with the characteristics of natural, elegant, durable, and never fading.

10. Decal Printing or Rising Line

Decal is absolutely the top popular post-processing because it is straightforward to show the arts on the product and it is very flexible to change the style of the final appearance. Rising line post-processing is similar to decal printing, but the outline of the decal is raised.

11. Etching

Glass etching is the removal of minute amounts of glass from the surface of a glass object by using a strong acid solution. An etched area will look frosted.

12. Engraving

Engraved glassware is quite similar to etched ones. The difference is that etching is a chemical reaction while engraving is a physical reaction. Engraving is done by using a burin to cut a previously designed pattern.

13. Crackled Glass

Cracked glass is not truly cracked. The technique makes the product inside a cracked look while the surface is as smooth as regular glassware.

14. Cutting

Cutting glass is shaped in the initial process by using a mold to make the desired complicated patterns. Its existence has to come with a mold, therefore choose a supplier who already has the mold will save your budget.

Customize Products with Post-Processing

Lastly, if you want to customize products with the above post-processing, please click this link to the page. Our design team will work with you to figure out the best product that fits your business totally for FREE.

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